Tim Hunter Realism Art

Born In Manchester 1985, Tim now lives in Leeds, England, UK. After studying Art and Design at College and University he has turned his attention towards working in fine art. After beginning work on a small scale his technique has quickly developed and he has applied this into producing a series of larger scale realism paintings.

All work is produced in acrylic paint and strives to portray an accurate representation of the photograph that he is working from. Work is hand drawn onto canvas, focusing strongly on achieving a true scale. Acrylic is then applied in a variety of ways to bring the painting to life. The key focus areas are firstly being able to match a colour accurately through mixing the acrylic, then secondly applying the paint in a number of layers that are built up to produce a final composition. This looks at initially applying block colour, then carefully increasing the detail by applying further layers without creating an excess build-up of acrylic on the canvas.

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